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MNDA is a Architecture, Interior design & creative studio based in Lodi, Italy.

We have been focusing on the research of Interior Design, Architecture on the quality of life.

Marcello Netti was born in Naples and graduated in Interior Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples where he subsequently obtained a specialization in Architecture. In 2013, he worked for several brands in the Scandinavian-style interior design and home furnishings sector around Italy, specializing in retail settings; as well as collaborating with architectural firms both in Italy and abroad as a 3d artist at a Santander studio in Spain. He participated in the design of a church in Rwanda for the YAC competition for young architects, which was also the subject of study and expansion for the realization of the specialist thesis in Sacred Architecture. In 2020, he is the founder and owner of MNDA Studio a natural progression of his work experience.

Alessia Di Maso studied at Federico II in Naples, where she graduated in Architecture. In 2015, she focused her first year of studies abroad to specialize in architectural surveys at the Aerofotogrammetria department of the Universidad de Valladolid. In 2018, she graduated with the redevelopment project of the archaeological site of the fifteenth-century Castle of Belmonte de Campos (SP) and embarked on the experience of rendering and designing in Santander (SP). Back in Italy, she moved to Milan and collaborated with architecture and engineering firms, such as ATI Project, strengthening her skills in the field of technical design. She collaborated with the architect Marcello Netti by founding Studio MNDA in 2020.

The Team

Marcello Netti

Founder / Design Principal

Alessia Di Maso

Co-Founder / Architect

Selected Partner

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