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About the project

The project for a church in Rwanda stems from the desire to expand the project of the previous competition held in 2019.

The use of raw materials such as raw earth and the application

of construction techniques such as "pisè technique" , make this project for the Rwandan community a characteristic and identifiable element for the place.

The entire project is based on the union between the monastery of the Poor Clares, in which they live,  and a new Church. Union is achieved by creating a walkway between the ancient and the new volume. In addition, the outdoor space hosts the prayer and baptism area, through material elements that contain, within themselves, the meaning of earthly life and the union between local communities. The outdoor garden surrounding the church is dedicated to cultivation fields. The external space is not simply dedicated to the working life, but actually to the contemplative one giving to community a place in which profess union and harmony with each other's.

Client: Private

Year: Rwanda, Byumba Africa 2020

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