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Ceraldi Bathroom

About the project

As in a bottle of water.

In the Milanese municipality of San Donato, a new bathroom comes to life in every sense of the word.

The new concept is based on the materiality of its coatings, and the indissoluble relationship between light and water. Natural architectural elements capable of enhancing shapes and, above all, colors.

Originally, our client's request was to satisfy different needs, denied by the presence of a bathtub and furnishing elements; which were dated and bulky, but at the same time functional. Aimed at storing every necessary accessory inside this environment.

The new shower is the design fulcrum in our intervention, it contains elements and sensations within it, enhanced by the natural light placed behind it, filtered by a custom-made perforated door that acts as a shield for the frame itself.

On the other hand, The bench, which was made to measure, is a functional tool in continuity extending beyond the shower.

A monolithic and materialistic volume that stands out as a protagonist inside the space. Being dually inside and outside the shower compartment.

Client: Private

Typology: Residential

Status: Completed

Sqm: 7

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2022

Team: MNDA studio

Furniture: Kerakoll Design, GSI, Bellosta, Duka

Custom Furnishing: Cecconi falegnameria

Photographer: Daniel Civetta

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