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About the project

Noto, Sicily. The project idea for a villa in Sicily arises from the collaboration between the customer and a supplier of local furniture products for the creation of a luxury structure able to transmit the character and essence through the use of local materials and decorative elements. Our job was  the artistic direction of the project, choosing style and materials; such as, the stone of Noto (a sedimentary rock with a limestone structure, consisting mainly of white-yellowish grain).
This local material is usually employed in architecture for the construction of external and internal cladding, for decorative elements and load-bearing members, columns, arches, vaults, and currently  in urban furniture.

Extremely widespread use of the Noto cutting stone occurred after the 1693 earthquake that struck eastern Sicily. This material, present in the quarries of the area, became the protagonist of the reconstruction, characterizing and defining with its yellow-golden color the urban planning and architecture of the reconstructed cities including, for example, the town of Noto, a classic example of Sicilian Baroque. We also focused on further natural elements like intervining with the area's atmospheres and vegetation , evaluating their environmental and atmospheric impact. The next step was to create some photo-realistic images and renderings able to transmit design choices to the customer, from every angle and perspective, capturing our approach to all the significant areas of the structure. The 3d images we created are the result of research and awareness of what the clients required in line with our design philosophy.

Client: Private

Year: Noto, Sicily. 2020

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