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Portugal Convent

About the project

The concept for this project stems from the idea to create a calm space nested within the ancient ruins of the Convent of Penafirm, while being entirely exposed to the natural environment.
Thus, the majority of the elements located within the ruins are perforated at location which match the original openings, allowing users to experience the elements such as wind while being inside the build structure, creating a middle ground between the artificial and the natural, a symbolic balance.
The memory and prayer chambers are both fronted by transitional spaces with the presence of water, a reflective and purifying element used as a physical and spiritual connection for all functions in the concept.

The prayer chamber, or ''inner space'' is protected from the elements to a higher degree than the rest of the concept.
This room presents a pink Portuguese marble wall at its entrance and holds a religious element within its architecture as an expression of the Convent of Penafirm's historical identity.

Client: Arkxsite competition

Typology: Museum

Place: Portugal

Year: 2022

Architectural Design: MNDA studio

Collaborator: Chiara Morelli, Ivan Panetta

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