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Naples on canvas

About the project

Naples, in a small town in the Campania province, an apartment with bright tones is born recalling the past. As in a painting on canvas, the protagonists of this house simulate Neapolitan daily life, staging a show among the many faces, from dressing in a hurry in the morning before diving into traffic, to the pleasure of having a coffee that only in Naples know how you do it. The project saw us involved in all its phases, from the new distribution of spaces with private and characteristic environments, to the choice of furnishings that include the inclusion of contemporary design products with a 70s style, which did not stray too far from the history of context in which it is located. At the same time, capable of creating a private place out of the ordinary.

The use of the Terrazzo flooring in the kitchen enhances the shades of all the furnishing elements that compose it thanks also to the reference to the past that gives this type of coating. This apartment plans to accommodate a couple with a strong culture and a curiosity towards the new, experimenting with things different from the usual, which was halfway between retro and modern style. Our photo shoot also shows how the origin of this house already had some important characteristic features, such as the bedroom floor in cement tiles from the early 1920s that we decided to keep in memory of the past and which was originally the dining room of the old tenants. In fact, the design choice was to enhance it by framing it within a herringbone parquet floor. Our philosophy also looks a lot at the history of the houses or structures we design, always taking into account their history and very often reusing key elements capable of enhancing spaces that were originally little valued. Images by our studio.

Client: Private

Team: MNDA studio

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