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DP Home

About the project

Some houses do not require radical human interventions to have an impact on people's lives and dp home is no exception.

This apartment located in the province of Lodi sees in its owners a young couple who love colors and small spaces. The project stems from the client's desire to keep some of the previously purchased furnishings such as the kitchen, as a design constraint for our intervention, an important aspect considering its chromatic impact.

Our task was to redefine the spaces and uses that were absent up to now, through the creation of semi-arched openings, fabrics and new materials such as parquet and terrazzo flooring that delimit a well-defined space between the living area and cook. The choice of custom-made furnishings has also made it possible to give the apartment a different character than usual with selected colors able to blend well with the pre-existing context.

Client: Private

Typology: Residential

Status: Completed

Sqm: 40

Location: Lodi, Italy

Year: 2022

Team: MNDA studio

Furniture: Tarkett, Flos, Knoll

Custom Furnishing: Cecconi falegnameria, Bresciani tessuti

Photographer: Michela Locci

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