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About the project

Turati, Milan. An apartment with bold colors that contrast with each other, enhancing the pastel blue shades of the furnishings and fabrics, bringing back an almost scenic conceptuality of the space. The apartment develops from the entrance stairs leading to the first room, the kitchen. As for a theater gallery, this space was also designed with dark shades, to exalt the colors and  lights emerging in the living area.

The idea was to play with the depths of the apartment, alternating everything with prestigious furnishings; such as, spot lights. Our task was to take care of the artistic direction of the project, determining the aesthetic and functional inclination and using colors and materials .  Finally, it was our task to create the renderings based on the communication of the uniqueness of the project tailored to the customer's needs.

Client: Private

Year: Milan, 2019

Light gets into a dark room through the curtain
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