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Cesari Home

About the project

Architecture expresses it self through form. A building’s identity and interests are implied in its physical expression, its character defined by how people and even nature respond to it. A language of silence, architecture communicates through colour, shape, texture, and function.

In this project located in the province of Milan, we have paid particular attention to the surrounding context. A place immersed in the greenery of nature out of any preconceptions that prompted us to tell you about it from every point of view through our photographic shots.

Our design choice for this apartment follows the analysis of a well-defined archetype of the place that prompted us to adopt a material approach to coverings, custom-made wooden furnishings and introspective colors aimed at surprising our client.

Client: Private

Typology: Residential

Status: Ongoing

Sqm: 70

Location: San Colombano, Italy

Year: 2023

Team: MNDA studio

Furniture: /

Custom Furnishing: /

Photographer: Michela Locci

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