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About us

About the project

​Light, Colors, Material. The working and living space merge, defining themselves on the identity of those who inhabit the space. The project stems from the need to create a living and working space that would represent the design identity of the studio.​Inspirations, lines and furnishing of a timeless design blend with modern and natural elements, receiving and diffusing the light in the surrounding space. Colors and materials, with warm tones and modern lines, meet contrasting and retro' elements generating a welcoming and, at the same time, dynamic and youthful space.

Marcello Netti graduated in Interior Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples where he subsequently specialized in Architecture and Building Engineering. In 2012 in Italy he worked for various brands in the interior design sector, deepening his knowledge of the modernist style in a contemporary key, and abroad he strengthened his experience by collaborating with architectural firms in Spain. He participated in the design of a church in Rwanda for the YAC academy competition for young architects, which was also the subject of study for the realization of the specialist thesis in Sacred Architecture. In 2020 he founded MNDA Studio with great enthusiasm and passion for his work.

Alessia Di Maso graduated in Architecture at Federico II in Naples.
In 2015, you focused your first year of studies abroad to specialize in architectural investigations at the Aerophotogrammetry department of the Universidad de Valladolid. In 2018 she graduated with the redevelopment project of the archaeological site of the fifteenth-century castle of Belmonte de Campos in Spain, undertaking her work experience of about a year. Having returned to Italy, she moved to Milan and collaborated with architecture and engineering firms, such as ATI Project in Milan, strengthening her skills in the field of technical design. Since 2020 she has collaborated with MNDA Studio for the development of various projects.

Client: MNDA Studio

Location: Lodi

Category: Office

Photographer: Arnaldo Abba Legnazzi

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